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Consistent Eye Exams Make a Difference

Eye exams are important for the regular care and health of your eyes. Through continuous checkups, preventive steps, and early treatment, eye exams can help ensure your eyes stay healthy.

Our team works with you to create an eye exam schedule depending on your needs. If you’re at a higher risk of developing eye problems or eye diseases, we may recommend more frequent eye exams to keep tabs on your eye health. The American Optometric Association and our office recommends, at minimum, an annual comprehensive eye exam for at-risk adults.

Regular eye exams offer more than just updating your prescription—they can also help preserve your long-term eye health. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

Eye Exam Frequency

In general, we recommend eye exams annually, but if you’re experiencing any issues with your eyes, we may adjust your exam schedule.

In the same way you visit your primary doctor or dentist for a yearly exam, you should visit an optometrist for a routine eye exam. Regular exams can help our team address potential issues early and check for signs of eye disease.

How an Eye Exam Can Help

An eye exam helps our team determine whether you require corrective lenses to help you see better or check to see if you’re wearing the right prescription for your needs. In addition, an eye exam is a way to find eye conditions and treat them as early as possible.

Adults of any age can develop poor vision or early signs of eye disease. The sooner these problems are caught, the faster we can find a solution and prevent eye damage. 

Dr. Choponis is also able to screen for signs of other health conditions through the eyes, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer.

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

When you visit us for your eye exam, you can expect a comprehensive look at your eyes and vision. 

Our optometrist, Dr. Choponis, will provide a comprehensive exam to review your ocular health, which can include diabetic eye exams, children’s vision testing, developmental vision exams, laser vision correction consultations, and more.

We start by dilating your pupils, which allows us to see the inside of your eye and check for potential issues in detail.

Comprehensive Testing

We offer a number of comprehensive tests and steps during our exams, including:

    • Visual acuity tests such as reading an eye chart
    • Color blindness testing
    • Ocular motility testing to check eye movements
    • Stereopsis test for depth perception
    • Cover tests to see how well your eyes work as a team
    • Retinoscopy to test for refractive errors
    • Refraction to determine your proper prescription
    • Slit lamp exam to check for eye diseases
    • Tear osmolarity dry eye testing
    • Glaucoma testing
    • Advanced ocular images of your own eye to show you what the doctor sees
    • Other tests as needed

During the exam, Dr. Choponis will look to see if there are signs of an eye disease or condition. These could include glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, maculopathy, retinal tears, retinal detachments, or macular degeneration. If we notice signs of these or other eye conditions, we will then discuss the next steps with you.

Schedule Your Next Eye Exam

An eye exam is a window into your overall health, and regular eye exams are essential to help keep your eyes and vision healthy. 

Contact our team today to schedule your next eye exam and get a comprehensive look at your eye health.

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