What To Expect

For your appointment

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early, if possible.

We will check you in at the front desk and verify your information and insurance. We will also answer any questions. We may have some paperwork for you if it hasn’t already been completed on a computer.

Next, the doctor will see you and start the exam!



Great Lakes Optometry performs comprehensive eye examinations to maintain and monitor your ocular health to help you see you clearly in all your activities.

Our office dilates your pupils. This allows the doctor to have a comprehensive view of the back of the eye to look for many eye diseases including:


Macular Degeneration



Retinal tears or detachments

Pupil dilation does have side effects that typically last anywhere from 4-8 hours. These include blurry vision and light sensitivity. We do have disposable sunglasses included with the eye exam if needed. Some people prefer to have a driver and use their own sunglasses when their pupils are dilated. Please plan accordingly. Driving when your eyes are dilated is at your own risk.